Omaha, Arkansas - Just 15 minutes from Branson, MO

We offer our guided tours Monday thru Saturday multiple times a day at our location at 14552 Old Springfield Road North in Omaha, Arkansas.

  • Ride Length: Approximately 1.5 Hours
  • Length of Ride: The guided tour is approximately 12 miles long with stops along the way at scenic overlooks and points of interest
  • How many people per vehicle: each vehicle seats 4 people for groups of 5 or 6 we do sometimes allow guests to ride with guide at $50 per guests with another vehicle booked.
  • What time to arrive: 30 minutes prior to the start of your ride, rides leave the building at the scheduled ride time
  • Minimum Age of Drivers: All drivers must be 18 years of age
  • Minimum Age Passengers: Children ages 6 & up with a booster seat, 8 & up no booster required
  • Are Booster Seats Provided: We do have 2 booster seats available however availability is not guaranteed so bring a booster if you need one
  • Deposit Requirements: We process a $500 Credit Card pre-Authorization per vehicle on the day of the ride and release the hold after post-trip vehicle inspection
  • Costs: Our guided tour is priced at $350 plus tax per vehicle
  • What to wear: Closed toed shoes, comfortable clothes you don't mind getting muddy or dirty, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen
  • Bringing Coolers : Small coolers are allowed however no alcohol allowed on property, and guests are responsible for all trash as well as securing of cooler
  • Travel time from Branson: approximately 15-20 minutes depending on Branson Traffic

Guests bringing their own vehicles 

  • New for 2022: We are now allowing guests to bring their personal vehicle on our guided tours with advance booking
  • What type vehicles: Side by sides (UTV) are the only vehicles allowed on our Ranch
  • Cost for Guest Vehicle Guided Tour: If a guest books a tour with their personal vehicle the charge is $200 plus tax with no deposit required
  • Vehicle Requirements: Guest's vehicles must be in good repair and trail ready.  All guests vehicles subject to approval by Hog Wild Staff prior to start of ride
  • Flat Tires Etc: Guests are expected to repair and or remove their vehicle in the event of a flat tire or other mechanical failure.  The guides are not responsible for repairs or assistance to guests vehicles.
  • What's allowed:  We do not allow guests to bring firearms, alcohol, or any state or federally controlled substances on to the property.
  • Arrival Time: Guests bringing their own vehicle must be booked in advance and arrive 45 minutes prior to the start of the scheduled ride to unload and check in.
  • Free Roam or self Guided: We currently only allow guests to bring their own vehicle on our guided tours, we are anticipating allowing access to our trails in October of 2022 for free roam trail riding for guests that have already completed a guided tour.